Day: 23 November 2011


Gameloft releases a trailer for NFL Pro 2012, also giving away free games right now

We have a two fold story relating to Gameloft right now. The first, of course, is their holiday giveaways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every day from now until Cyber Monday Gameloft will announce one title on their Gameloft Android Twitter account and a random time during the day. When they announce whatever game is free, you will have two hours to grab it for your Android device but that certainly isn’t all either!


Sim City Deluxe Review – Does EA’s Sim City franchise still have life in it?

The granddaddy of city management finally lands on Android, and while he’s slower and makes less sense; there is still that twinkle in his eye. The Sim City series has had a long history, from its humble beginnings in the dark ages of 1989 to the current day, no one game has quite nailed the balance of fun and frustration of running a city the way that Sim City does.  Sim City and its sequels have been ported to almost every system in existence over the years, some good and some terrible.