Gameloft releases a trailer for NFL Pro 2012, also giving away free games right now

We have a two fold story relating to Gameloft right now. The first, of course, is their holiday giveaways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every day from now until Cyber Monday Gameloft will announce one title on their Gameloft Android Twitter account and a random time during the day. When they announce whatever game is free, you will have two hours to grab it for your Android device but that certainly isn’t all either!

Should you already happen to have the title they are giving away for free on any specific day, Gameloft has also reduced their entire line-up of Android games down to $0.99 for the same period of time. This is a great opportunity to pick up some of those Gameloft titles you’ve been really wanting to get. This, however, is through their own Gameloft storefront and not the Android Market.

To access this special $0.99 promotion, you will have to use the link provided to you on the Gameloft Android twitter account. This is for the USA and Canada only. Because we are just the kind people that we are, we have provided the links here as well for you to use to get any Gameloft game for $0.99 while the sale is going on. For US residents you’ll need to go here while Canadian residents will need to use this link.

The second part of this article is that Gameloft is getting ready to come out with their own Madden style football game called NFL Pro 2012. Amazingly enough it actually looks a bit better than the actual Madden 12 game from EA. It will be available as a free download and for those of you already wondering, there is a 90% chance that this will be a freemium game. You can check out the trailer for NFL Pro 12 above.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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