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EA unleashes Mass Effect Infiltrator onto the Google Play store

From the makers of Dead Space comes the new Mass Effect game for Android that we have been talking about for the last little while. EA has just released Mass Effects Infiltrator onto the Google Play store which is not only a mobile exclusive part of the Mass Effect storyline but also ties into the other Mass Effect games as well.

In fact we even had a nice little hands-on preview of Mass Effect Infiltrator back during GDC 2012. First, to get this out of the way, Mass Effect Infiltrator is a giant 450MB in size so be sure to have the space available before you start downloading it.

You will be playing as an agent who defects from Cerberus and joins up with the Alliance, helping them out to reach their goals. Like any good game of this nature, you will have plenty of weapons at your disposal to help with all your enemy slaying needs. You will also be able to move freely around the outside world and inside the Cerberus base. This game also comes with assisted targeting when shooting enemies or, if you are pro, you can use complete manual aiming instead.

Upgrades are available for both weapons an armor which can be earned in-game. The better you are in the game, the more credits you earn. Lastly, the visuals are pretty amazing which, considering it is a Mass Effect game, they should be. Mass Effect Infiltrator will actually benefit you in Mass Effect 3 as well since you will be able to upload your intel through the Galaxy at War system into Mass Effect 3 which will improve your Galactic Readiness Rating. When you complete Mass Effect Infiltrator, you will also get a one-off war asset which will help you actually complete the Mass Effect 3 console game.

We won’t go into it more here, instead we will just supply you with the link to go download it. Be prepared, you’ll also have to drop $6.99 to buy it.

Developer Website: EA

Google Play Links: Mass Effect Infiltrator (North America) | Mass Effect infiltrator (International)

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