Day: October 29, 2012

Game News

Shadowgate creators hit up Kickstarter to re-imagine their hit classic first-person adventure game

The creators of the classic first-person adventure game called Shadowgate have gone over to Kickstarter to bring a new re-imagined and revamped version out to the world and this new version will be made available on a variety of platforms including Android tablets. This inclusion of Android tablets as one of the supported platforms isn’t a stretch goal either, which is something that happens with a decent amount of these Kickstarter project. Instead, it will be released onto Android tablets when the game launches.

Hardware News

It’s all official now, the Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 32GB

Well today was supposed to be the large media event Google was going to hold but it unfortunately got canceled due to the bad weather going on over on the East coast, which we hope all of our readers over there are taking measures to stay safe. Google, instead of rescheduling the event to announce the new Nexus devices, has gone ahead and made everything official today anyways through an online announcement instead. So what is official? The LG Nexus 4, the Nexus 10 tablet and the Nexus 7 32GB version tablet.

Game News

Rovio releases the first in-game footage for Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio gave warning a couple of hours ago on Twitter that they would be showing off the first in-game footage for their upcoming Star Wars / Angry Birds crossover game, appropriately named Angry Birds Star Wars. While Rovio has pumped out a video or two a week for the past few weeks since they announced the game, none of them have actually shown anything about the game. Now we get to see actual gameplay footage.