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Gamevil announces a list of their next 30 games, plenty of major titles including Zenonia 5

Gamevil will be attending G-Star 2012 in Korea which is a gaming related conference that has a heavy focus on mobile gaming specifically. Today the company has revealed a list of their next 30 games which will be heading to mobile over the next little while and you may be shocked to know that Zenonia 5, although a major franchise already, isn’t the biggest one they will be bringing to mobile devices. Other names include online multiplayer titles Legend of Master Online and Legends of Gaia. Also current web strategy games Eternal Kingdom, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Bloodlust will be arriving on mobile devices through Gamevil as well.

Of course some of Gamevil’s own major franchises have now had new additions to them confirms including Zenonia 5 and Baseball Superstars 2013. They will also be bringing a couple of Facebook games over to mobile devices as well including Train City. Here is a full list of the games currently on Gamevil’s plate for mobile release:

1. Baseball Superstars 2013
2. Pimp My Guy
3. Grape Valley
4. Nine Worlds
5. Last War
6. Legend of Gaia
7. Monster Warlord
8. Bloodlust
9. Sir Death
10. Air Penguin
11. Ocean Tales
12. Two Outs Bases Loaded
13. Eternal Kingdom
15. Zombie Gunner
16. Romance of Three Kingdoms
17. Cartoon Wars Blade
18. Cat Town
19. Legend of Master Online
20. Kingdom Royale
21. Kingdom Wars
22. Train City
23. Punch Hero
24. Fishing Superstars
25. Asura Cross
26. Soccer Superstars 2012 K League
27. Coco Town
28. Air Penguin (3D TV)

Some of these games are already available on iOS while a majority of these titles are not even released yet. However, all of these titles will be coming to both Android and iOS when they are released although historically iOS will get a majority of these first, followed by Android shortly after.

So it looks like Gamevil will continue to keep pushing forward with a steady selection of games that they will be releasing over the next while. A lot of these titles are pretty big named ones which, if you want to, you can check out online already such as Legend of Master Online. Either way, we have a lot of amazing games to look forward to coming from Gamevil. It should be noted that some of the games in this list have names that may end up changing.

Developer Website: Gamevil

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