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The PSP Emulator called PPSSPP has arrived onto Google Play, still in early prototype form

At the beginning of this month we talked about a new emulator being developed by the same folk who created the rather widely used fully working Wii emulator called Dolphin for PCs and that they were now working on building a fully functioning emulator called PPSSPP which would let you play all those favorite PSP games you still own. At the time of reporting on this, PPSSPP was only available for download through the developer’s website.

Well for those of you who don’t like going through the trouble of downloading and installing apps outside of Google Play but wanted to have this emulator, you can now install it from Google Play. PPSSPP is still in early prototype stages so compatibility with games is still low, but it will get there. Also it still looks like there is no mapping of hardware keys right now and normal legal PSP eboot files are unsupported. PSP .ISO or .CSO files do currently work though. There’s nothing wrong with that, all good things take time.

If you’re up for trying out PPSSPP, and you don’t mind really early builds of something that is currently in development, then by all means hit up the Google Play store and grab yourself a copy for free. For more technical information, hit up the emulator’s official website.

Google Play Link: PPSSPP

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