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Spicy Horse’s Worms style combat game Crazy Fairies flies onto Android

About a week ago we did a bit of an in-depth preview for Spicy Horse’s newest game called Crazy Fairies. This new game is a turn-based shooter that take influences from the Worms series where two or more players go head-to-head and battle it out until one person or team dies. Well for those of you who have been interested in this game since we talked about it last week, you can now grab it off of the Google Play store.

In case you missed our preview of Crazy Fairies, this game features cross-platform multiplayer and the first thing you do when you log in is pick which of the playable characters you want to be. From there you will go head-to-head with your opponents which will either be computer controlled enemies in each stage, or other players located somewhere else in the world who are on a team. Combat is done by aiming your shot at the angle you think it needs to be, then building up the power for your shot. There are also plenty of power-ups to use to your advantage.

Crazy Fairies Features:

– Fast-paced, turn-based fantasy combat
– 8 fairy tale characters to pick from including Godfather Death, Master Cat, and more
– Customize your character with extensive weapon and item customization options
– Get your very own in-game house with cards, stickers, wallpaper, and other decoration options
– Play in tournaments and other events for big prizes
– Enjoy seasonal and holiday content throughout the year with special items and events celebrating Halloween, Christmas, and other major holidays
– Multiplatform technology allows players on every platform and device to play together seamlessly.

This isn’t a stationary game either. You can move your character to get better strategic advantage using the environment and you can even teleport to other platforms in each stage. Since this game has true cross-platform multiplayer support, you can save your game when you need to, then pick it back up when you have spare time to play it regardless of what platform you end up logging back into the game on. Of course the game has to be available on that platform. However platform support shouldn’t be an issue since Crazy Fairies is available through Ariea Games, Kongregate, Facebook, iOS, Android and even on Spicy Horse’s own SpicyWorld social network.

There is also plenty of unique features to this game such as in-game housing which you can decorate, character customization with weapons and items, and tournaments to participate just to mention a few examples. While we all wait for Spicy Horse’s Akaniero: Demon Hunter game to be released onto Android, you can kill some time waiting for it by checking Crazy Fairies out. It will cost you a whole lot of Free to download and play. One thing to note though, Crazy Fairies is currently labeled as an open beta so if you find any bugs, send them over to the devs.

Google Play Link: Crazy Fairies

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