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Gameloft puts Order & Chaos Online and Wild Blood on sale for $0.99

Gameloft has two games on sale right now for a limited time. Whether it is a holiday sale or not, both games are currently priced at $0.99 which is a pretty good deal considering both are usually priced at $6.99. So what two games are on sale? Well the first one is Gameloft’s MMORPG Order & Chaos Online which recent got updated with a plethora of new content such as a new dungeon, mounts and PvP arenas and also had its monthly subscription fee removed.

The second game is their 3D action hack n’ slash RPG called Wild Blood which was built using the Unreal Engine. For those of you eager to get this game, be sure to free up some space as it takes almost 2GB of storage once installed. Depending on your taste in games, picking up either of these games right now for $0.99 is a pretty solid deal.

Google Play Link: Wild Blood | Order & Chaos Online

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