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[CES2013] Selection of new Tegra 4 games unveiled: Dead Trigger 2, Rochard, Riptide GP 2, Real Boxing and more

As you all already know by now, the Tegra 4 chip and the Nvidia Project Shield handheld console, which we will talk about after this, were announced at a special event yesterday night before CES 2013 began officially. Naturally, with the launch of nVidia’s latest mobile processor launch, they have unveiled a selection of games that will arrive on the platform in the coming months.

The highlight game to showcase the graphical and processing prowess was Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to the original game launched last June and the one that Madfinger teased us a few days ago on their Facebook page. Looking at a video of the demo below, you can just about everything has been turned up a notch in the graphics department such as more detailed environments and better post-processing effects.

Dead Trigger 2 gameplay preview

Other games that have been listed as coming soon on the Project Shield official site aside from Dead Trigger 2 include Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin, Arma Tactics, Burn Zombie Burn, Real Boxing and the popular indie PC and console game Rochard. Besides these, we also caught a glimpse of the existence of two more sequels to games already available on Google Play – Riptide GP 2 (which is supposed to come with multiplayer options) and Dead on Arrival 2.

So, are you excited already for the games slated to hit Tegra 4 devices? Do you think they will be Tegra 4-only games, or support Tegra 3 too at the very least? Stick around as in the coming days Andrew will be on the ground and we’ll be able to get game demos and the likes of it for all of you.

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