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Epic Games releases Epic Citadel onto Google Play, Hell has frozen over

We’ve talked numerous times in the past how Epic and their games division have not released, nor ever had plans to release, anything on Google Play. It’s been a topic of conversation here on the site plenty of times and how we have always felt that it is stupid that they don’t release anything for Android, only iOS. So imagine our surprise when we got a tip saying that Epic Citadel was now available on Google Play.

We first saw Epic Citadel running as a tech demo on running on a Tegra 2 tablet back during CES 2011. It was just the guided tour running on the tablet at the time. For those of you not familiar with Epic Citadel, this little app showcases part of the realm where the Infinity Blade series takes place. It was released before Infinity Blade hit iOS. So what is this Epic Citadel now available on Google Play?

Well this is pretty much the same thing as the tech demo we saw back in 2011. The difference between that tech demo and this is that this version of Epic Citadel is interactive. You can explore the kingdom where you can either tap to move and swipe the screen to look around or use the available dual on-screen joysticks. There is also the option for the guided tour as well which automatically takes through everything.

Also coming with Epic Citadel is a Benchmarking Mode which allows you to gather performance data for your Android device which includes frames per second stats as well as quality settings and resolution.

There also are options for you to play with including changing the performance settings (speed vs quality) and rendering resolution. While this is still technically a demo, there is actually plenty to check out and as you can imagine, since it’s made with Unreal Engine 3, there is plenty of eye candy to enjoy. Does this mean we could actually see the Infinity Blade series land on Android? We really don’t know since Chair Entertainment (the developers of the series) have been pretty adamant that it wouldn’t arrive for Android device. Then again Epic Citadel wasn’t supposed to be either.

If you want to check it out, you can download Epic Citadel off of Google Play for free.

Thanks to defred and NexusPaladin for the tip!

Google Play Link: Epic Citadel

Amazon Market Link: Epic Citadel (Kindle Fire Edition)

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