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Ouya begins testing new 12-month all access pass for $60, but it is sold out

In other micro-console news, Ouya has launched a new all-you-can-eat type of access pass which interested Ouya owners can purchase for $59.99. Purchasing this pass will grant you access to every game on their library for 12-months. However, this is for a limited-time right now since it is more about testing interest in this sort of pass then actually implementing it full-time. That is, of course, unless a ridiculous amount of people buy it. Then we would see this available full-time or at least we think that is what will actually happen.

Since this is an all access type of pass, you will be given access to all the games on Ouya, regardless of what their pricing is. This means that games up there in price, like pretty much everything Square Enix publishes, will be available to play during those 12-months you have that pass.

To purchase this pass, just head on over to the Ouya main website. Right now it is sold out but it appears another batch will become available soon.

Official Website: Ouya All Access

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