Day: 26 August 2014


Arriving Today: Strike Wing: Raptor Rising – Crescent Moon Games Space Fighting Simulator

Crescent Moon Games is on a roll with another release this week. This time, in collaboration with Dream Builder Studios, the result is a fluid space fighting simulator where you explore the depths of space in search of what took place during the Sirius Incident.  The Sirius Incident is described as the largest friendly fire engagement in history. As part of a black ops team, you will pilot your spacecraft into dangerous territory to find out the truth.


Crash and Burn smashes its way onto Google Play

Ever get that itch to joyride a school bus recklessly through town? Well, Crash and Burn Racing is here to scratch your itch. If school buses aren’t your thing, there is also ambulances, fire trucks, and sports cars that all have customizable paint jobs, lighting underneath the vehicles, and rims in addition to upgrades such as top speed and handling.


[Updated] Oscura 2: Second Shadow confirmed to be arriving onto Android soon

Oscura is a platforming game available on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for back in 2011. While reaching a modest 50,000+ downloads, it was nominated for a Webby award. The gameplay was fairly simple, controlling things like which direction to run, jumping, or slowing down time. The look was the popular dark silhouette foreground with bright primary and secondary colors in the background. I that it was a fun game to play that wasn’t all that complicated, not was it all that lengthy at twelve stages.