Day: 19 September 2014


Available Now: The Maze Runner Game Sprints into the Play Store

The summer is almost over and there are a couple of blockbuster films that people have been eagerly anticipating. The Maze Runner, based on the novel by James Dashner is one such movie. It opens in theaters today, and a movie tie-in game from the collaboration of Sticky Studios, Fox Digital Entertainment and PikPok have made that possible. The Maze Runner is available now to download in the Play Store.


R.G.B. is a cool new color matching running game from Invictus Games

A new endless running game has arrived onto Android called R.G.B. from Invictus Games. This isn’t your standard endless runner though as it features game mechanics similar to that of Guitar Hero. You have three rows, each with their own little character running on them. Each row can have one of three colors appear on itl and when a color comes up to one of your characters, you have to tap there on the screen to swap the correctly colored character to that row.