Day: 2 October 2014


Available Now: Entwined Challenge: Beautiful to Play, See and Hear

PlayStation Mobile, Inc. has been quite busy lately. We recently heard that Run Sackboy! Run!, will arrive sometime this month for Android and iOS devices. In the meantime, you can check out the latest offering from PlayStation Mobile, Inc. called Entwined Challenge. It is a tunnel-type runner, with a compelling story shared between two characters. It is visually mesmerizing, aurally pleasing, and has controls that are easy to operate.


EP0CH Review: A mixed bag at best

EP0CH is a rail shooter released by Uppercut Games. For the uninitiated, rail shooters are where the player’s path through a game is strictly defined and players have no control over the forward progression, but instead focus exclusively on shooting and dodging with the progression the level/game occurring once the screen has been cleared of enemies, lasts only until more enemies arrive (at which point it stops to let combat commence), and functions more like a cut scene when it does occur.