Day: 29 October 2014


PikPok’s Rival Stars Basketball Bounces into the Play Store – Review

PikPok has created some solid game titles during their tenure in the game industry thus far. The games they create are well designed and generally quite fun to play. If you have been gaming for any amount of time, I am sure you have played Flick Kick Football, Flick Kick Rugby, Giant Boulder of Death, Into the Dead, Slam Dunk King or Super Monsters Ate My Condo! This time around, PikPok has chosen to revisit the sport of basketball with their latest game, Rival Stars Basketball.


It’s an Illusion! Miika by Noxus Ltd. Rotates into the Play Store

The 3D puzzle genre has experienced a fair amount of growth this year, due to visually engaging games like Monument Valley and Back to Bed. Noxus Ltd., whose game development studio is in London, has joined the puzzle creating community, with their latest title Miika. It is an optical illusion puzzler created with the Unity game engine. You guide your adorable character Miika, through tricky visual puzzles set in a beautifully rendered environment. Completing the puzzles will require visual acuity, and the ability to carefully rotate the environment, to ensure Miika can complete his/her path, and doesn’t fall into the endless depths below.