Final Fantasy VII G-Bike mini-game hitting Android devices in Japan this week

Back in June of this year during E3 2014, Square Enix began showing off a new mini-game spinoff from the Final Fantasy VII game called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. If you have played Final Fantasy VII then you are probably already familiar with the G-Bike mini-game and this is essentially that game but made into its own title for mobile devices.

This mini-game, along with many others including the Chocobo races, we found at the Golden Saucer casino-style complex from Final Fantasy VII and will be the first in a series of ports to mobile devices of these mini-games from the franchise. Players will take control of Cloud and you will be racing against various AI opponents while riding on the G-Bikes from the original game.

Throughout the races you will be taking out your opponents with your big sword which will consume small amounts of Materia. This is also used to customize your ride and there will be a nice selection of G-Bikes to collect as well.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is slated to be released onto Google Play this week in Japan. As for when a worldwide release will happen, no word just yet on that.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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