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Square Enix has finally brought Final Fantasy VII over to mobile devices

In a drip, drip, drip pattern, Square Enix has slowly been porting Final Fantasy games over to Android. Their latest release onto the platform, Final Fantasy 7, should be great news for fans of the franchise. For those too young to remember it when initially released in ’97, this is the game that brought us Cloud Strife, who is hired by AVALANCHE, which is an eco-terrorist group.


[E3 2014] Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android in Japan… sort of

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android later this Fall, at least for folks who live in Japan at first. Actually not all of Final Fantasy VII will be released, we just wanted to get your hopes up and then crush them like ours had happen to them when we got this news. You see Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy VII title onto Android but it is called Final Fantasy VII G Bike.


Wednesday Afternoon Awesomeness: Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar recreated in Minecraft

Alright so once in awhile with these awesomeness posts and other ones of this style (Humor, Fail, etc) we post about something not Android related. This is one of those instances and we can’t help ourselves either. Being a Final Fantasy fan (especially FF7) and a player of Minecraft (even if it is Pocket Edition), this recreation of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII is just pure awesome.


PS1 Emulator for Android!

It seems as though noted emulator guru ZodTTD has teamed up with Yonghz (Android emulator guru) and are currently working on a Playstation emulator for Android phones. Yes, a playstation emulator. This means all those games you loved to play when the Playstation was the best there was out you can now play on your Android phone. FFVII anyone?