Day: 10 June 2014


Watch Gameloft live stream Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Rival Knights and more at E3 2014

Gameloft is holding another live stream and this time it is at E3 2014. A lot of companies are doing this now and, of course, E3 being the biggest video game conference there would be plenty of live streams. However Gameloft is streaming some Modern Combat 5: Blackout (with its price just being confirmed as $6.99 at launch) goodness with a little Rival Knights mixed into the stream and possibly some other goodies as well.


[E3 2014] Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android in Japan… sort of

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android later this Fall, at least for folks who live in Japan at first. Actually not all of Final Fantasy VII will be released, we just wanted to get your hopes up and then crush them like ours had happen to them when we got this news. You see Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy VII title onto Android but it is called Final Fantasy VII G Bike.


Razer opens up beta testing for their wearable technology called the Nabu

Today marks the first official day the door are open for E3 2014 and while yesterday was the official press conference day, today begins where a lot of the news actually comes out of the event. Well-known gaming peripheral maker Razer announced back in the beginning of this year that they were working on some wearable technology of their own called the Nabu. Today the company has announced their plans for beta testing this technology.