Author: Jolo Millar


Horde of Heroes by Noodlecake Studios is another 8-bit addiction to get immersed in

If you’ve come across the Random Heroes games, you probably have an idea of what to expect from Noodlecake Studios’ works: glorious, 8-bit textured games that seem over the top simple so you give it a try….. aaand boom, you’re hooked. Their new game, Horde of Heroes, does not fall far off from granting a similar scenario to those who try but it does offer a bit of a refreshing experience with the integration of Puzzle-RPG mechanics.


Google announces Project Tango tablet, collaborates with NVIDIA and many others

First Oculus Rift, now Google’s Project Tango. It seems that virtual reality might actually be closer to us than we all expected based on how fast the technologies geared for it are advancing. For those of you who don’t know yet, Google has been working with a multitude universities, companies, and research labs for this project. What exactly is it? Well, Google plans to develop devices capable of human-scale understanding of space and motion- that is to say: sense and depth of the real 3D world. This just opens up possibilities in every field such as map apps as well as implications on the next generation of gaming.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Radiant Games Birthday Sale, Earth and Legend and more

The sale gods have been quite busy this week, giving us android fanatics a lot to be excited about. This week features a ton more of games compared to the last 2 weeks’ listing. Highlighting this week’s round up: the 4th anniversary sale of Madfinger Games’ Samurai II: Vengeance, and the huge 86% off sale of the highly rated multiplayer RPG, Earth And Legend.  Developer Radiangames is also holding a 50% off sale for nearly all of their games listed on the Play Store to celebrate the dev’s birthday. There are many more games on sale including remakes of awesome strategy games from the past so definitely check that out as well.


NVIDIA Shield 2 spied on FCC website

There are many speculations and no real confirmations on when the next generation NVIDIA Shield console is going to release. Since NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang hinted on the next iteration of the console late in 2013, the android gaming community has been cracking up with rumors on the said device’s release date. Earlier this week, 2 FCC filing diagrams from the company surfaced and one of those may just be the Shield 2. 


Dark Lands Review: Runner or Action-adventure? Why Not Both?

Dark Lands is a hybrid game containing elements of an endless runner and an action-adventure game, complete with endless running evasion tactics and a full combat system for dealing with those pesky enemies blocking the player’s way. Released earlier this May, Bulkypix’s Dark Lands packs a long playing experience into 2 content-filled game modes. Without question, its crossbreed characteristics will turn some heads but how does this marriage of an action-adventure x endless runner x platformer really play out?


Artistic Game Lynn and the Spirits of Inao for Android and iOS Announced, Arriving in 2015

A new action-platformer game entitled Lynn and the Spirits of Inao was recently announced and is on its way to hit both Android and iOS platforms. Produced by indie developer Bloomylight Studio, Lynn and the Spirits of the Inao boasts a colorful and vibrant artistic rendition said to be influenced by Japanese artists Hayao Miyazaki and Shigeru Miyamoto (works include Spirited Away and Legend of Zelda, respectively).