[E3 2014] Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android in Japan… sort of

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII is coming to Android later this Fall, at least for folks who live in Japan at first. Actually not all of Final Fantasy VII will be released, we just wanted to get your hopes up and then crush them like ours had happen to them when we got this news. You see Square Enix is releasing a Final Fantasy VII title onto Android but it is called Final Fantasy VII G Bike.

Basically what this new game is, aside from being a major tease since it has Final Fantasy VII in the name, is a combat racing game based off of the mini-game similar to this that is found in the actual Final Fantasy VII. For those of you not familiar with this mini-game, it was a part of that little casino area that hosted other mini-games.

Square Enix hasn’t released a ton of details about this game as of right now aside from it being free-to-play, especially as to whether or not this will get released elsewhere besides Japan. It most likely will be though and apparently Square Enix has plans to release other mini-games from Final Fantasy VII as well. The Chocobo Races with actual multiplayer and betting would be pretty awesome. When more details are released, we will post an update. Until then, enjoy a look back at this mini-game in the original title.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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