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Square Enix soft launches their multiplayer strategy RPG called Heavenstrike Rivals

Square Enix has a new free-to-play strategy RPG title heading our way soon called Heavenstrike Rivals and while this game will be released worldwide in te very near future, residents of Canada and Australia have the ability to play it now thanks to the company releasing the game as a soft launch in these two regions.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Heavenstrike Rivals is a multiplayer strategy RPG where players can collect and train over 250 different types of units which can then be used to battle it out with other players. It almost sounds like a TCG title except for the fact there there are no cards to collect, just units that are fully animated. All of these units can evolve into strong ones as you progress through the game, competing in PvP leaderboards.

Heavenstrike Rivals Features:

– Battle against players across the world in simple yet deep tactical battles, built especially for mobile devices
– Collect and train over 230 fully-animated units
– Embark on an epic quest across Lunnain to save the legendary Seven Sisters
– Climb the Sacred League to earn epic rewards
– Take part in regular events and weekend Arena competitions
– Features characters designed by Ryoma Ito (FINAL FANTASY TACTICS ADVANCE) and music by Ryo Yamazaki (FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES THE CRYSTAL BEARERS)

While the main meat of this game is about fighting other players, if you happen to prefer more story-driven gameplay then you can partake in the single-player campaign, journeying across Lunnian in order to save the Seven Sisters. Heavenstrike Rivals also have weekly events and weekend arena competitions to take part in for those of you who are more about the PvP aspects of this game.

Square Enix hasn’t announced an exact release date for Heavenstrike Rivals on a worldwide scale, only that it will be at some point this Winter. If you have access to Google Play in one way or another in a location unlocked sort of way, then you can download this game off of Google Play for free.


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