Day: December 15, 2014

Game News

Game Review: MMX Racing from Hutch Games Leaps into the Play Store

Hutch Games out of London, has recently released their latest game into the Play Store. It is a beautiful graphic processing beast, must like the huge monster trucks that are used in the game… beastly trucks that is. Hutch Games has been known to push the envelope in the graphics and controls departments, when it comes to racing games. If you have played Smash Cops, Smash Cops Heat, ¬†or Smash Cops Bandit, then you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, you should definitely check those games out. Right now though, I would check out MMX Racing, their latest title to arrive in the Play Store. If you like Monster Trucks and CSR Racing (Natural Motion Games) type games, then this will be right up your alley.

Game News

Half-Life 2: Episode One now available on Google Play for Nvidia Shield tablet owners

Back when Nvidia was hosting their Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, one of the features for this sale was the Green Box Bundle which featured games from Valve such as Portal and Half-Life 2. One of those games was Half-Life 2: Episode One and was only available in that bundle for people who purchased an Nvidia Shield tablet. Now the game is officially available for anyone who owns an Nvidia Shield tablet.