Day: 9 March 2015


[Update: Beta and Release Date] Upcoming Action-RPG Taichi Panda gets a new cinematic trailer, Android version to be released soon

One game that has a lot of people’s interest and that we’ve been following its journey to Android is Snail Games’ upcoming Acton-RPG title called Taichi Panda. Originally announced before CES 2015, we ended up playing around with an early version of the game for a few minutes during CES 2015. Since then the game has been under development, getting everything polished and, eventually, having been released onto iOS now. So where is the Android version?


[GDC 2015] Sick Bricks combines LEGO-style blocks with mobile gaming for some unique fun

Companion toys are not really new anymore when it comes to mobile gaming. Nintendo has their Amiibo toys, Skylanders have theirs, and even Rovio has toys that you place near your Android device of choice in order to unlock a character in the game for you to use. Spin Masters have taken this idea and expanded on it by making the toys your scan into the game have their own stats, abilities, and so on but allowing them to be customizable by swapping out parts and adding new ones.


Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja is now on Android

Created by Ariano Games, Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja is a Floppy Birds clone, with an RPG twist. There isn’t much of a story to speak of, so I’ll describe the gameplay. Players control a little black dot that wears a red headband. At the start of the game, and each subsequent level (so far as I played), the dot flies/falls through the air, inky contrail and all, only moving upward when the screen is tapped.