Day: March 23, 2015

Game News

[Update: Full Release] 3D MMORPG Izanagi Online launching next month but closed beta signs-up are live now

Izanagi Online is an upcoming MMORPG that is being made specifically for mobile devices. Developed using Unreal Engine, this particular game is themed around Samurais, Ninjas, and of course, killing monsters and completing quests. Actually if you have played any of the Asian MMORPGs available for PC, then you have a pretty good idea of what to expect to a certain degree with Izanagi Online. Even the visual style is similar.

Game News

Telltale Games releases a new teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Episode 3, coming this week to Android

Last week on Friday Telltale Games released a few screenshot to tease the masses regarding the next episode for Game of Thrones. Along with the screenshots, Telltale Games announced that they would be releasing a teaser trailer for Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness on Monday, which is today. Sure enough, here it is along with a synopsis of what you can expect story-wise in this new episode.

Game News

Battle Cats tower defense game gets a pretty big content update

Battle Cats tower defense game from Ponos Corporation has received a pretty big update that brings with a lot of new content as well as improvements. The feline-filled game has players sending out their cat soldiers to defend against incoming enemies in the hopes of keeping their home base tower safe. The best defense is to have a good offense at times so you will need to push through your enemies and hopefully destroy their tower instead.

Game Reviews

Game Review: FOTONICA Hits the Ground Running, Going for Gold

Santa Ragione is a studio that is based in Milan, Italy. It was created by two friends, Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolo Tedeschi back in 2010. Their latest project Fotonica, is now available in the Google Play Store. We have had our eyes on this game for some time, since it was released on iOS last year. If you want to bypass the review, here’s the short version, hit the download button!

Game News

Taichi Panda gets an official release date for its global launch on Android

Last week Taichi Panda suddenly became available to more people in more locations to play. While at first we jumped onto the ‘oh it has finally released globally’, we paused on that for a moment as it didn’t jive with what we already knew about the upcoming launch. As it turns out we were right to do that as our guess of the current beta testing phase expanding was the correct one. Today our friends over at Snail Games have gotten in touch with us to let us know that there is an official release date for a global launch.