Day: 24 March 2015


Beast Towers aims to brings back the fun once had in games like the Warcraft III tower defense mod

Baptiste Largaiolli is a game developer who once loved the Warcraft III Tower Defense Mod that a lot of people used to play a long time ago, back when Warcraft III was quite popular. Since he couldn’t find the same sort of experience on mobile in this day and age, Baptiste decided to make his own, called Beast Towers, and it is now available on Google Play.


Babel Rising 3D is now available on the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

Babel Rising 3D is by no means a new game on Android. This game, developed by Mando Productions and published by AMA LTD, has been around since 2012 in all its forms, whether it be the free version, the paid version, or the ‘Sponsored’ version. Now it is available for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition headset and because this is a virtual reality based device, there are a few tweaks to the game to make it a more virtual experience.


Kickstarter funded game Boss Monster is now out for Android tablets

Brought to us by Brotherwise Games, Boss Monster is a dungeon-building game that was originally designed to be played with cards. After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, Boss Monster has now been brought over to Android. Brotherwise Games has partnered up with Plain Concepts (the ones that created Wave Engine) to make this happen. In doing so, they created a straight digital conversion of the tabletop game, so players will be using digital cards to create their dungeons, in the hopes of keeping this version as close to the original as possible, while taking advantage of the CPU speed up the calculations within the game.


Land Air Sea Warfare RTS review. Falling very short, but shows some good potential as well

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Land Air Sea Warfare (LASW) is an RTS game that was originally released on desktops, followed by iOS, and eventually Android. After playing, and at times enjoying, LASW, this game isn’t ready for “prime time”. I have a soft spot for this genre, and this high hopes for this game. While the developer seems to have added some ways to make it easier to move masses of units quickly (a must on touch-based hardware such as phones and tablet), there are too many flaws and oversights to justify the In-App Purchasing price of $4.99.