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Hero Generations will release onto the Ouya console this month

Hero generations, released by Heart Shaped Games, is set to come to Ouya this month. The idea for this game is a decent mash-up of a handful of gaming themes, primarily roguelike elements crossed with 4X planning and building. Players assume the role of an adventurer, and can choose what that adventurer will value (love, greed, etc).

Players can pursue fame and fortune, or can choose to improve their society. Where things get interesting is that there’s a unique twist on the game’s permadeath: players can seek out mates to marry and reproduce. Once the adventurer experiences permadeath, the game continues on with the progeny becoming the new protagonist, who then sets forth into the world shaped by his/her forebears.

Hero Generations Features:

– Permadeath, Limited Life: Each move is one year of your hero’s life. With a limited lifespan, think carefully about how you spend the hero’s time. Feel free to explore the world for fame and fortune, but make sure to find a mate before it’s too late!
– Generations: Woo a mate and your family will have the child hero of the next generation. Choosing the right mate is key, as inheritable traits (special abilities) make your child more powerful and prepared.
– Six Strategic paths: guide your hero to greatness by pursuing Strength, Love, Exploration, Wealth, Fame, and Building.
– Build your world: Construct any of 19 legacy lasting buildings next to towns to give future generations useful resources, powerful new abilities, and attract better mates.
– Shape your culture: As you add more buildings, the town’s character and culture changes to reflect your choices. Watch the towns morph into a Ranch, Castle, Hospital, Port City, Dark Cathedral, and more!
– Expansive World: Each world is procedurally generated with towns, forests, ancient ruins, heroes, and more. Discover all 6 unique Biomes (Forest, Desert, Meadow, Island, Swamp, and Volcano)
– Simple Yet Deep: 4X Strategy on the individual level. Each turn is a meaningful choice, without the tedious micromanagement.

The game is played out in moves, with each move the players make costing one year off of the hero’s lifespan, so players need to consider how they’ll nap end then years/moves that they’ll have. So players can focus on wealth, or on attracting the best mate possible, or improving society to make things easier for their children. And the hero’s traits can be passed on to children, so choosing the right mate becomes important in raising up the next generation of heroes. Likewise, the hero’s home town will reflect the investment players make in it.

When Hero Generations arrives onto Google Play it will cost you $14.99 to pick up a copy. You can, however, check the game out ahead of time in the video below to have a better idea as to whether or not you want to purchase it for that kind of cash.

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