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The world inside the Age of Wushu MMORPG for PC will be coming to Android soon in Age of Wushu Dynasty

Snail Games has officially announced that an Age of Wushu game, based off of the company’s PC MMORPG title of the same name, will be coming to Android in the near future. While the original game is a full-fledged MMORPG for PC gamers to play, and has done pretty good for itself since its release, this new game will actually be a bit of a spin-off called Age of Wushu Dynasty.

You may remember us going hands-on with Age of Wushu back during CES 2015 while we were fondling the upcoming Android console from Snail Games called the OBox. At this point we are not sure if this is the same game or not, mainly because when we were playing Age of Wushu at CES, it was actually titled Age of Wushu, where this game has Dynasty added to the end of the name. Regardless of which one it is, Age of Wushu Dynasty will be a martial arts themed game just like its older brethren.

Players will be thrown into a martial arts underworld known as “Jianghu”, where you will have to try to survive and come out on top. This game takes elements from the original Age of Wushu MMORPG, but combines it with mechanic and other elements from their current popular MMORPG on Android called Taichi Panda. This means that we will see some dungeon crawling gameplay in Age of Wushu Dynasty.

Age of Wushu Dynasty Features:

– 8 martial arts schools to choose from
– Vivid 3D world and traditional Chinese styles
– Acquiring and mastering various combat skill sets
– Tactical “Attack, Block, Break” combat system
– Two-handed virtual button control scheme
– Gravity defying acrobatic maneuvers
– Arenas, open PvP, and Guild Wars

We want to create the same feel as Age of Wushu, which was very popular for PC, in a mobile platform. That has meant adjusting some of the gameplay mechanics to optimize for mobile devices, while keeping the inspiration and the design principles the same to create a unique martial arts adventure. – Snail Games VP Jim Tsai

From what it sounds like, the game we played at CES earlier this year may very well not be this one, however, the screenshots for this game look really similar to the game we played during CES. Either way, Age of Wushu Dynasty is slated for release onto Android later this year. We will be meeting up with Snail Games at E3 2015 next week, so hopefully this will be there so we can get some hands-on time with it.

Official Website: Age of Wushu Dynasty

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