Day: 11 June 2015


Closed beta for the upcoming Action-RPG Angel Stone begins at midnight tonight

One of the games we are all looking forward to getting our hands on is the cross-platform hack n’ slash RPG Angel Stone. We’ve been following its development since it was announced a few months ago and it still looks impressive both visually and in terms of gameplay. Over the past couple of weeks, closed beta sign-ups have been available for Angel Stone, with spots being in a limited amount.


Oculus Rift release date, specs, and pre-E3 press event round-up

Oculus Rift held their Pre-E3 press event moments ago, officially announcing the Oculus Rift as an official commercial product. Along with this announcement were some other surprising announcements made on stage, including the fact that the Oculus Rift headset will come bundled with an Xbox One controller and adapter, as well as working natively with Windows 10 and allowing for Xbox One game streaming to the headset.


TellTale Games will be releasing Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 on June 23rd

Telltale Games has announced when the next episode in their Tales of the Borderlands series will be launching and it will be a few days after E3 2015 ends. Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch A Ride will be heading to all platforms on the same day, something that generally doesn’t happen with the company’s releases. Usually the release of an episode for their series’ are staggered, so PC/Mac get it one day, consoles get it the next day, and Android/iOS get it the next day after that, which is a Thursday as always.


Ink Vial Studios in collaboration with Noodlecake Studios releases Brickies. A colorful and fun brick-breaking game.

Noodlecake Studios is almost synonymous with fun game play, when it comes to mobile games. This time around they have teamed up with Ink Vial Studios to bring Brickies to the Google Play Store. I have been enjoying playing Anodia 2 by CLM Games, but Brickies has enough twists and excitement of its own, that I have gladly added it to my library of quick and fun games to play. As the title suggests, this is a brick breaking game, but great design choices elevate it beyond the norm.


Lifeline is your next text-based thriller. Available now to download

Text based games have risen in popularity lately. These days, good games in this genre are not as difficult to find as they used to be. Today, 3 Minute Games has unleashed their latest project, Lifeline. It was released to much acclaim on iOS not too long ago, so it is good to see it arrive for Android devices. If you are ready for a thrilling sci-fi adventure, buckle up and get ready to blast off.