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[Update: Released] Square Enix announces the Final Fantasy portal app, complete with its own game

Square Enix has plenty to announce during their press event at E3 2015 today, and while we feel a little burned right now with no Final Fantasy VII announced for Android, we will get over it. Instead we will play around with Square Enix’s newly announced Final Fantasy Portal app when it becomes available soon.

Update: August 20th, 2015 2:42pm PST: After a bit of a wait, Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy Portal App onto Google Play. They need to tweak it a bit as some people are reporting the app being slightly sluggish. Even with that, it is a pretty complete app complete with the Triple Triad game. You can download the Portal App through the new link at the bottom of this article.

The Final Fantasy Portal app is pretty much as it sounds, it is a companion app to all things relating to Final Fantasy. This is actually the release of the English version for this app, having already been released in other regions. The app features Final Fantasy games and a points system as well, so you can keep informed as well as entertained by playing the mini-games inside.

One rather interesting feature, and if you played Final Fantasy VIII you already may have an idea about this, is the inclusion of the Triple Triad game in the app. For those of you not familiar with this mini-game, Triple Triad is the popular card game that was originally featured in Final Fantasy VIII. It is, depending on how much you like Final Fantasy VIII, one of the best features of that particular installment into the franchise.

The Final Fantasy Portal app will be released onto Google Play later this Summer, and it will be available for free. There will be IAPs however, but these are optional as well and we are guessing they will be either for additional mini-games or Triple Triad card packs.

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