Day: 16 November 2015


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Hitman: Sniper, Airline Tycoon Deluxe, This War Of Mine, and more

Our usual end of the week Android game sale round-up didn’t happen last week due to the unfortunate events that took place in Paris. It just wasn’t right to keep posting like nothing was happening, especially on Twitter when more important information needed to be in the spotlight. So instead, we are doing the round-up today because there are some good games on sale right now.


[Updated] Nvidia releases a video of a man falling 10,000 feet while playing the Shield TV

Nvidia has released a new promotional video for their Android Shield TV unit but unlike the usual commercials that get released, this one is a bit different. This features a man with a crafted living room, complete with a couch, a cat, TV, and the Shield TV, falling 10,000 feet through the sky. While he’s tumbling towards the ground below, he plays a few games on the Shield TV.