[Updated] Nvidia releases a video of a man falling 10,000 feet while playing the Shield TV

Nvidia has released a new promotional video for their Android Shield TV unit but unlike the usual commercials that get released, this one is a bit different. This features a man with a crafted living room, complete with a couch, a cat, TV, and the Shield TV, falling 10,000 feet through the sky. While he’s tumbling towards the ground below, he plays a few games on the Shield TV.

Update: November 16th, 2015 10:47am PST: Just a quick heads-up that this free remote deal also applies to buying the Nvidia Shield TV off of Amazon. Interestingly enough, the 16GB model is also on sale for $174.99. That means you’ll save some money on the bundle itself, and get the remote for free on top of everything. That’s a pretty solid deal. Thanks to Bob Jones for the tip!

This is probably one of the stranger commercials we have seen and yet one of the cooler ones as well. Yes, even the cat falls with this guy, well at least it is implied. We figured some of you might be interested in checking this new promotional video out this Monday morning, something a bit fun to start the week.

Nvidia is celebrating this stunt by adding a free Shield Remote when you purchase an Android Shield TV and controller bundle. Of course this is just for a limited time. On a side note, the plane used in this video is also the plane used in the Furious 7 movie.

Amazon: Nvidia Shield TV 16GB

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