Day: 19 July 2016


Deep Silver and FISHLABS Entertainment bring Warp Shift to Android

Deep Silver and FISHLABS  have a lot going on these days. As Android gamers await the latest in the Galaxy on Fire game, they have just released Warp Shift. They worked with ISBIT games to bring this amazing puzzle game to Android. The game was released a month or so ago on iOS. Now, Android gamers have an opportunity to check out this beautiful and challenging puzzle game, starring its young heroine Pi. It is a premium-priced title that is available for $2.99 and it is definitely worth it.


1DER Entertainment delivers Tiny Archers to Google Play and it is perfectly on target.

1DER Entertainment has recently released Tiny Archers. If you have ever played Castlestorm, then you will more than likely enjoy this castle defense game. Tiny Archers has three main characters that you will have an opportunity to play, as tolls and goblins come to destroy your castle. It is a good thing you have your bow and arrows, because you are going to need them. Tiny Archers is a fun game with a few twists up its sleeve. It is free-to-play, but that doesn’t hurt the game at all.