Day: November 18, 2016

Game News

Run your own MMO style guild in Pocket Guild, now available from Google Play

Multiplayer has been a staple in gaming since forever. Pocket Guild is a game that gives that idea a bit of a twist. In this game, players will be responsible to create and staff their own guild that’s full of NPCs, within a world with a fantasy base to its setting. Players will begin their game by picking out the name of their guild, character, and chosen class (Dealing, Absorbing, or Healing damage).

Game News

Telltale Games’ Batman Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham will be arriving next week

While Telltale Games initially dropped the ball on the initial release of their new Batman series when it comes to getting it out onto all platforms at the same time, it looks like the company has finally gotten mobile players caught up to the rest of the gaming world. Next week Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham will be arriving, and now we have details and a trailer to check out.