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9 new Android games you have to play this week


At the outset, it appeared this week was going to be another quiet one on Android. But as the week trickled slowly towards the weekend a few hits landed out of nowhere.

Let’s not spoil the surprises though. Have a great weekend and download a few of the excellent releases that make up our nine new Android games you have to play this weekend.

The best new Android game to play this week: Oxenfree

Oxenfree is the closest you’ll get to a Stranger Things game. You play as a group of teenagers who unwittingly open a portal to the spirit world, then have to figure out what to do about it.

You’re given an awful lot of freedom to decide how you want to handle it as well. Each spirit is kind of like a puzzle in itself to solve. You also have to pay close attention to your relationships with others, which you can affect using an intelligent conversation system.

This is one adventure well worth playing, so go and grab Oxenfree right now on Google Play.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo is back at it again, with another city building sim based on a TV show. This time it’s Futurama getting the treatment, and there’s even new stuff to do like exploring the galaxy and battling space nasties.

Battles are based on classic 16bit JRPGs, which is cool. You’re not merely a bystander either, as this time you’ll take direct control of every battle. Go and grab it right now on Google Play.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is yet another hero collecting card battler on Android, but with some fancy visuals that wouldn’t look out of place on an animated movie.

The battle system also sounds quite fun. You have to use your hero cards in the right order to perform even stronger attacks and special abilities. Imagine that – putting some thought into a mobile card battler? Grab it on Google Play now.


Colin Lane is at it again. The developer of the crazy physics based WrasslingDunkers, and Battle Golf has a brand new game based on a sport, and this time it’s American football.

You have to control a team of three players, and have to try and get the ball into your opponent’s end zone. You’ll pass, jump, and wrestle your opponents to see who can get the most points by the end.

It looks like signature fun for the excellent developer, so go and grab it from Google Play right now.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Where did this come from? A New Empire is an open world mobile MMO that challenges you to build your own kingdom, gather resources, and defeat nearby enemies.

It’s your standard Clash of Clans fare with a Final Fantasy XV skin, basically. But if you like both franchises, you certainly won’t be complaining so go and grab it right now on Google Play.

Merge Dragons!

Gram Games can’t help but make incredibly addictive games, and they’ve achieved that once again with Merge Dragons! It’s a puzzler in which you merge three objects together to create a new one, and each level gives you a challenge to complete.

You can also grab additional resources from levels to help build up your dragon camp, which is a nice little addition. If you like matching puzzlers but fancy something a little different, grab Merge Dragons! on Google Play.


Guide Pan through an unusual world in Pathos, a gorgeous puzzler by Channel 4. If it looks familiar, that’s because it clearly takes its cues from Monument Valley and Square Enix’s GO games.

You’ll tap around each level, solving puzzles to move the game along. The environments will change drastically between the six different chapters as well, which keeps things fresh. Go and grab it from Google Play.

Super Samurai Rampage

Super Samurai Rampage is a retro-inspired high score chaser that challenges you to hack and slash your way through an endless supply of challenging enemies. You play as a katana-wielding samurai though, so how hard could it be?

The controls are simple, the visuals pleasingly retro, and there’s enough challenge here to keep you busy. Go and grab it from Google Play.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time

Simon’s Cat is another match three puzzler, but with awesome artwork and it’s based on the internet phenomenon.

There’s not really much else to say – you’ve played this stuff before. Basically, if you like match three puzzlers, cats, and more importantly Simon’s Cat, go and grab this from Google Play right now.

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