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Happy New Year! 7 games to look forward to in 2018

Alto's Odyssey Android

Happy New Year! Well, it will be when you’re over that killer hangover anyway. Speaking of that, we reckon we’ve got exactly what you need.

You love Android games, right? Well, what better way to put a little spring in your step than by showing off the most exciting games you’ll play this year. We’ve picked seven, and here they are in no particular order.

Alto’s Odyssey – learn more here

Alto’s Odyssey is the direct follow up to 2014’s breathtaking gorgeous Alto’s Adventure. Not much is known about the sequel, other than the desert setting, and you’ll board on sand dunes rather than ice.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – learn more here

Square Enix claims that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be a miniature version of the entire latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. It’s all delivered in a cute chibi style as well, which is awesome.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite / Hogwarts Mystery – learn more here 

There are two Harry Potter games coming in 2018, and they’re very different. Wizards Unite is a social location based game like Pokemon GO, while Hogwarts Mystery invites you to study in the magical school of witchcraft and wizardry itself.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

RuneScape Mobile – learn more here

RuneScape Mobile will also arrive in two forms this year, with each based on a different version of RuneScapeLegacy is based on the original version of the MMORPG, while Mobile includes all of its latest improvements.

Runescape Old School

Super Meat Boy Forever – learn more here

Finally! The long anticipated sequel Super Meat Boy Forever will launch on Android in 2018. It’s an autorunner, features combat, and each level is randomly generated.

The Legend of Zelda – learn more here

The Legend of Zelda hasn’t been officially announced for mobile, but the rumours are strong in this one. We’re not sure how it will play, or when it will arrive, but we’d put our money on the mock version of Breath of the Wild Nintendo developed using the NES Zelda engine.

The Legend of Zelda

The Room: Old Sins – learn more here

The Room: Old Sins is the fourth instalment in the excellent puzzler franchise. There’ll be more touching and swiping to solve puzzles when this launches shortly after the iOS release on January 25th.

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