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Golf Skies, the Planetoid-Based Casual Golf Game, is Out Now on Android

Golf Skies is a casual golf game featuring miniature planets, and you can download it now on Android.

Developed by Starpolygon, Golf Skies sees you thwacking a golf ball around in a series of 2D stages populated by planetoids with their own gravitational fields.

You need to factor this strange gravity into your shots, but you can also influence the trajectory of the ball after you’ve hit it, allowing you to steer it around in the sky. Steering consumes stamina, though, so you can’t do it indefinitely.

As you’d expect from a golf game, there are bunkers, fairways, areas of rough, trees, water hazards, and so on. The only difference is that they’re dotted around on floating circles.

There are six courses to complete, as well as various upgrades and power-ups. Golf Skies is free to download, and you can grab it right now on the Google Play Store.

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