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Transfer Your Pokemon From Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home for a Special Reward

You can now transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon GO over to Pokemon Home. And by doing it you’ll unlock the Mythical Pokemon Melmetal. You can then transfer it to the Switch version of Pokemon Home and use it in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

It’s a special Melmetal that can Gigantamax in any Sword or Shield battle that allows it. There’s also some bonus content for GO players. Once you’ve transferred a Pokemon you’ll get a Mystery Box.

Open that and the Mythical Pokemon Meltan will appear on the map for a limited time. You can upgrade Meltan into Melmetal by gathering 400 Meltan candies.

Every time you transfer a Pokemon you’ll drain some energy from the GO Transporter. That energy replenishes over time or you can top it up with Pokecoins. It costs different amounts of energy to send Pokemon over, depending on which one you pick.

You can get more information on the transfer process by checking out the Pokemon Home website by clicking right here.

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