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There’s a Brand New, Tree-Focused Chapter Out Now for Monument Valley 2

When one of the very best mobile games ever made gets updated with new content, it’s always time for a celebration. When that new update is about protecting the forests of the world, well it’s a double education celebration.

Monument Valley 2 has just received a new, four scene chapter called The Lost Forest. It was announced in a tweet, which you can click here and read if you like reading tweets.

The new chapter was developed as part of the Playing for the Planet Green Game Jam, and it’s hoping to draw attention to the Play4Forests campaign, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

So not only are you getting some new content for one of the finest games ever made, you’re also getting a chance to do something to protect the planet. That’s a heavy win-win.

You can click here to download Monument Valley 2 from the Play Store. It’s currently on sale as well, which we think makes this a win-win-win. Win. The Lost Forest chapter is free and anyone with the game can play it.

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