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Black Desert Mobile Fairy and Magical Creatures adds fairy companions

The massive MMO Black Desert Mobile is getting a huge content drop with the Fairy and Magical Creatures update. Available right now, this massive update introduces a lot of new content to play through. 

What’s in Black Desert Mobile Fairy and Magical Creatures?

The Fairy and Magical Creatures update adds companion fairies to Black Desert Mobile for the first time. While fairies have been a part of the MMO’s universe for years, this is the first time you can have one tag along with you! 

In the new update, you’ll be given a magical fairy baby to raise in Black Desert Mobile! As a constant companion, you’ll raise the mystical baby into adulthood. That’s right, you’re a parent now! 

To raise your newfound child, you’ll have to engage in a number of activities. From dancing to singing to just plain talking, interacting with the fairy makes it grow. Furthermore, how you interact helps it grow in different ways. 

Raising your fairy will give it a specific trait: cheerful, honest, relaxed, bold, creative or friendly. Additionally, its stats change depending on how you have raised the little baby. 

Your fairy’s growth doesn’t stop when it’s an adult. Afterwards, you’ll be able to max out stats with Blossom and unlock more even more skills for them to use. This feature may even evolve in the future. 

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Even more events 

As well as the massive inclusion of fairy companions, Black Desert Mobile is also experiencing a huge event. Known as The Fairy’s Adventure, this week-long event offers a host of rewards. 

Running until September 19th, the event gives you the option to unlock the Adventurer’s Primal Accessory Chest, the Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest and more. 

Furthermore, there’s a brand-new login event to celebrate the new update. If you want to get in on that, download the game for free right here

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