Author: Andy Dyer

Game News

History in the Making: The Return of Nobunaga’s Ambition with Sphere of Influence on GeForce Now

Now available to stream on Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now, Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence places you in the role of a daimyo (feudal lord) – of 16th century Japan – whose ambition is to conquer rival lords and unite the country as a whole. The Nobunaga of the title refers to Oda Nobunaga, a real historical figure whose lifetime spent in military conquest saw him unifying a full third of Japan before his death and his conquests laid the foundations for the eventual unification of the entire country.

Game News

Contrast brings smart shadow play to Nvidia’s Shield Android TV

The latest game launching on Android exclusively for the Nvidia Shield Android TV is a strange and dreamlike adventure set in 1920s Paris. Blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, Contrast, created by Canadian developers Compulsion Games, focuses on Didi, a lonely little girl whose single mother leaves her at home every night when she goes out to sing in nightclubs, and casts you in the role of Dawn, Didi’s imaginary friend – or is she?

Game News

Arcade-Style Puzzler Pix the Cat launches onto Nvidia Shield devices

Now available on Nvidia Shield devices, Pix the Cat is a mash-up between two old school classics, Snake and Pac-Man. Each single screen level contains a number of eggs and a corresponding number of target spaces. Each time Pix grabs an egg, it turns into a duckling that then proceeds to follow Pix around the level. Collect more eggs and your tail of ducklings gets longer and longer… so long, in fact, that eventually you have to be wary of hitting your own ducks and receiving a penalty.