Author: John Garcia

Game News

Destroy cars and take license plates in Demolition Derby Speedway 2017, now available

Let’s face it—we all love seeing cars smash into other cars and completely demolish each other. It satisfies a primal urge in us as humans to see stuff get obliterated for no good reason other than it being entertaining. Mojo Game Studio knows this, and its newest racing game, Demolition Derby Speedway 2017, goes windshield deep in destruction and just lets you eff cars up.

Game News

Under the Radar: Gunhouse ditches exclusivity, is now available for all Android devices

If you were a regular DroidGamers reader a few years back, you might have seen a mention about a game called Gunhouse coming exclusively to PS Mobile-enabled phones. Well, this past November, Gunhouse quietly slipped under the radar and hit the Google Play store for all Android devices. Everyone can now enjoy Necrosoft Games’ delightfully quirky take on tower defense and puzzle games.

Game News

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed unleashes (pun intended) its limited beta, exclusive to Android devices

Japanese publisher Koei Tecmo has partnered with South Korean giant Nexon to bring its Dynasty Warriors franchise to mobile, and has announced a limited beta exclusive to the Android platform. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, billed by its creators as “the return of the Dynasty Warriors legend” is currently available to install from the Google Play store.