Author: John Garcia

Game News

Retro-futuristic puzzler Imprint-X is coming to Android

Puzzle games are a very popular and common genre on mobile, so it takes a bit of effort to stand out from the crowd. Imprint-X hopes to do just that, by combining simple yet attractive aesthetics with an equally simple yet engrossing style of gameplay. Originally greenlit on the Steam platform, the game is also making its way to mobile devices, including Android, on January 26th.

Game News

Fend off baddies with your ninja skills in Shadow Blade: Reload, coming soon

Who hasn’t dreamed of stealthily leaping through the air, katana in hand, as a cool-looking ninja? PC and console gamers have long been able to fulfill that dream with the likes of Joe Musashi of Shinobi, Ryu Hayabushi of Ninja Gaiden, and even Lo Wang of Shadow Warrior fame. Now, Android gamers are next in line to don the classic back garb as Kuro, the last remaining ninja of his clan, in Shadow Blade: Reload, officially coming to Android on January 15th.

Game News

New shoot ’em up Z-Exemplar out now, looks to make old new again

How many of you, my fellow DroidGamers readers, remember the golden age of horizontal shoot ’em ups (from here on referred to as “shmups”), dominated by legendary games like Gradius, R-Type, and Blazing Star? Quite a few of you, I reckon. Now, how many also remember the golden age of the ZX Spectrum, which helped popularize gaming on the personal computer way back in the early 1980’s? Maybe not as many, I’m guessing. The ZX Spectrum was home to quite a few memorable early shmups, and with the newly-released Z-Exemplar, developer Suminell Studios aims to deliver a grand ode to the best of both eras, one which can be appreciated by long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Hardware News

GeForce Now streaming service upgraded to Pascal architecture

Streaming PC games to the living room at maximum graphics settings has long been the dream for many a gamer who, for some reason or another, doesn’t have access to a high-end gaming computer yet wants to experience the “master race” lifestyle. Nvidia has now, for all intents and purposes, made that possible with its announcement that its GeForce Now game streaming platform has been upgraded to the current-generation Pascal architecture, specifically the GTX 1080 GPU.

Game News

Platformer game Cloudbuilt is now available on Nvidia Shield

Sonic and Mirror’s Edge might be the games that first come to mind when you think of fast-running platformers, but for the past two years newcomer Cloudbuilt has been attempting to make its name known, by combing elements of the two aforementioned franchises. Formerly available only on Steam, Cloudbuilt is now available to Nvidia Shield owners for the first time via the GeForce Now streaming platform. 

Game News

Gorgeous tactics game Duelyst is likely coming to Android soon

Duelyst? Never heard of it, you may be saying to yourself right now. I don’t blame you, as many gamers haven’t heard of it. Duelyst is a hybrid between a tactics game and a card-collecting game, and it executes both styles masterfully. If I were to conjure up a simplistic description of what the game is like, it would be the following: it looks like Transistor, it plays (in part) like The Banner Saga, and it’s as addictive as Hearthstone. Currently available only on PC and Mac, Duelyst is making its way to mobile—which likely, but not definitely, means Android—very soon.