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5 Android stories we missed this week

Alto's Odyssey Android

The world of Android gaming is massive, and as a result it can be tough even for Droid Gamers to keep on the wealth of news that happens each week. Naturally, a few fairly big stories go overlooked as a result.

We don’t want our lovely audience to miss out on anything though. So, to make up for it, we’ve scoured the internet for the top stories we missed this week. Here’s the five rounded up in one place.

The biggest Android story we missed this week: Alto’s Odyssey was delayed for fine tuning

This week, developer Snowman announced that the upcoming Alto’s Odyssey has been officially delayed. There’s no reason for alarm though, it’s just for fine tuning. Read more on the official blog.

Alto’s Odyssey is the upcoming sequel to 2014’s Alto’s Adventure. It’s set in the desert, but little else is known about it at this point. In fact, all we really know is what’s in the trailer below.

Sequel Reigns: Her Majesty was announced for release later this year

The Tinder-like swipey adventure Reigns is getting a sequel later this year, it was announced this week. This time around, you play as the Queen instead of the King.

Well, that’s not all that’s changed. You can expect a ton of new scenarios, advisors, and even mystical items. You can collect these to help stave off death for another day.

The 2v2 mode became permanent in Clash Royale

Blink, and you might have missed this news this week – we certainly did. Well, it turns out that such was the popularity of the 2v2 mode in Clash Royale, it’s now here to stay as a permanent fixture. Huzzah!

Not only that, but Supercell is giving away two free magical chests to celebrate. You only have to go into the shop to claim them. If that’s not reason enough to go back, we don’t know what is.

New Pokemon GO stuff was discovered in a data mine

Ah, Reddit. It’s such a lovely resource for stuff that developers really didn’t want you to know just yet. Well, this week we learned more of that stuff about Pokemon GO. You can read all about it here.

The big news is that apparently generation three Pokemon are on the way – as are Super Incubators. The latter of these will apparently hatch Pokemon faster, though it’s not clear how you get them right now.

A Naruto mobile game is inbound

Naruto may have just ended as a TV series, but it’s far from over as a franchise. This week, Bandai Namco announced that there’s a brand new game in the series coming to Android, based on his son Boruto.

It’s called Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage and there seems to be a real focus on fortresses. You’ll build your own, defend it from enemy players, and attack theirs. You can control your own team of ninjas and traps.


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