7 new Android games you have to play this week

Out There Chronicles Episode 2 Android

The weekend, huh? What is it good for? Playing Android games, of course! That’s what we specialise in, so we’re going to recommend you a bunch of the best that came out this week.

We’ve got a new game from the excellent Nitrome, a quirky blend of genres, and the latest episode in a chilling space drama. We won’t spoiler though, you’ll have to read on to learn more.

The best new Android game this week: Meteorfall: Journeys – get it

Meteorfall: Journeys takes the crown this week thanks to its masterful blending of two of our favourite genres. You’ll create a deck out of basic attack cards then set off on an adventure. Along the way, you’ll collect even more powerful cards but if you die, you lose the lot. Sounds like fun to us!

Read more: we went into more detail about Meteorfall: Journeys in our article this week.

Out There Chronicles: Episode Two – get it

Out There Chronicles: Episode Two continues the adventures of Darius, as he strives to survive on a desolate purple desert planet. You should probably go and help him out.

Read more: if you’d like to catch up, the first episode went free this week. We wrote about it.

Slime Pizza – get it

Nitrome’s games always feel super fun to play, and Slime Pizza is no different. It’s basically a Metroidvania in which you fling your slime around a variety of clever levels, collecting its lost pizza. Heartwarming stuff.

Four Last Things – get it

Here’s an interesting one. Four Last Things is a traditional point and click adventure, except it takes place within paintings that take inspiration from the Renaissance era. Definitely worth a look.

Block Quest Maker – get it

Move over, Mario Maker, a new sheriff’s in town. Meet Block Quest Maker, a level making tool that uses the assets from the excellent Block Quest. Build your very own dungeon in this excellent creator.

Knight Maker – get it

We had to include Knight Maker on this list because it’s absolutely bonkers. You run a smith with the help of a swordstress PR person, who you’re also dating. Smith weapons, go on chests, and chat up an employee.

Soul Magic Online – get it

Wrapping things up this week is a brand new MMORPG on Android. This one is isometric, and perfect playing on your phone because it plays in portrait.

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