Android: 5 games news you have to read this week

Dota Auto Chess Android

Man, there was an awful lot of Android games news to catch up on this week. Not only did GDC breathe new life into the mobile games industry, Google chose to announce Stadia, its new live-streaming service at the show. You can learn all about that right here.

However, a bunch of other stuff happened this week, and we’re going to dig into that right now. Read on for our top five Android games news from the week.

Dota Auto Chess is coming to mobile as a standalone release

The developer behind Dota 2 mod Auto Chess has announced that its remaking the game from the ground up for mobile. It won’t feature any of the Dota branding though, to ensure it remains a standalone product.

Era of Legends, the hit MMORPG, is out right now on Android

Era of Legends is a brand new mobile MMORPG that does some interesting things. It aims to avoid P2W mechanics by focusing on cosmetic purchases in the store, and forces you to manually take control of difficult content, like dungeons and PvP. Autoplay is limited only to questing, which makes sense.

Shieldwall Chronicles is a medieval tactical RPG out right now on Android

If you enjoy the likes of Fire Emblem but long for a more realistic, or darker, aesthetic, Shieldwall Chronicles is the game for you. It launched this week, challenging you to build your own merry band of mercenaries.

Evertale is a Pokémon-like JRPG out now on Android

Evertale is basically Final Fantasy meets Pokémon. You’ll explore the world of Erden, battling monsters and capturing them. There’s a single player storyline – which you can play entirely offline – and online PvP.

Evertale Android

Durango, the Monster Hunter-like MMO, has finally soft launched on Android

Durango is basically Monster Hunter meets Minecraft. You strive to survive in a primitive world full of dinosaurs, gathering resources to craft stuff and the like.

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