Android: 5 games news stories you should have read this week

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner Android

Had a busy week? Not to worry for Droid Gamers is here to help you out. We’ve rounded up all of the biggest Android gaming news stories from the week in one place. Enjoy!

The biggest Android games news story this week: Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a new classic RPG

Hankering for the good old days when Baldur’s Gate was all the rage? Well, Vampire’s Fall: Origins is the game for you. This is a classic RPG made in the same style as the greats.

Vampire's Fall: Origins Android

Man or Vampire is a gorgeous SRPG out now on Android

Speaking of vampires, we got another great vampire-themed RPG this week. It’s called Man or Vampire and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You’ll build your own party of warriors and head on out to save Paradise.

Man or Vampire Android

Ragnarok M is now up for pre-registration

Ragnarok M is an upcoming remake of the classic PC MMORPG and it’s now up for pre-registration. It’s basically the same game, same classes, same combat but with a fresh new lick of 3D paint.

Chaos Reborn Adventures is the latest game from the folks behind XCOM

Played XCOM and its sequel to death? You need Chaos Reborn Adventures then. This is a brand new SRPG by the same developers, and it tasks you with crafting your very own wizard.

Warhammer AoS Champions is a trading card game set in the Warhammer universe

Last but not least is a trading card game set in the Warhammer universe. Finally! Warhammer AoS Champions challenges you to create a deck of cards, select a legendary hero to wield them, and beat your friends in PvP.

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