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Best Android PS2 Emulator: What PS2 Emulator Should I use On Android?

PlayStation 2 emulation on Android was once considered the Holy Grail of portable emulation, and it’s finally possible. With the best Android PS2 emulator, you’ll be able to re-experience your favourite PlayStation games on the go. Well, if you have the power of course. 

But what is the best Android PS2 emulator? And how do you use it? Well, that’s what this entire article is about! So, strap in! 

Best Android PS2 Emulator: AetherSX2/ NetherSX2 

AetherSX2 is the best Android PS2 Emulator on the market, at least at the time of writing. Created by developer Tahlreth, this one application reignited the fire beneath portable PlayStation 2 emulation on Android devices.

Unlike earlier PS2 emulators on Android (looking at you Damon) AetherSX2 is completely free. If your device has the horsepower, you can enjoy myriad games at full speed without issue. 

AetherSX2 also includes a host of amazing features. For example, widescreen patches for 4:3 games, save states, graphics upscaling, pet game settings, and more are included. Of course, controller support is as well. 

Unfortunately, active development ceased on the AetherSX2 and it’s no longer available through Google Play. We’ve checked out at least one website claiming to be official that offers download packages, but we are skeptical of how trustworthy it is.

Some of the more recent archived releases were reportedly a noticeable downgrade.

For that reason, we’d recommend joining the AetherSX2 Fan Community Discord. This has up-to-date links for archived versions of the AetherSX2 emulator’s best versions, along with a new and updated fork, NetherSX2, which has ongoing work and improvements.

What Are The Alternatives?

“Play!” is absolutely a good alternative PlayStation 2 Emulator on Android. While still in development, the free software offers very rudimentary emulation on Android. It’s far from finished, and most games are unplayable, but you can use it if you want. 

The next alternative is one we’d strongly recommend you avoid: DamonPS2. While it is the first emulator you’ll see on the Play Store, it’s also the worst. We strongly recommend you avoid it. 

Not only is DamonPS2 a poor-quality emulator, but there are many posts online about the developers using stolen code. While we can’t verify that, it certainly sounds sketchy, and our other suggested emulators are much better, either way.

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