Best Android Wii Emulator: Play Wii Games on Android

The Nintendo Wii may be one of the popular consoles of all time, but it’s still rather underrated in our eyes. It’s a lot more than just casual sports games! In order to experience the Wii in more modern times, you’ll need the best Android Wii emulator. 

After you’re done with playing Nintendo Wii games, you might avert your eyes to more systems. Perhaps you want the best 3DS emulator. Maybe your tastes are more focused on the best PS2 emulator. Search around, we have a lot! 

Best Android Wii Emulator: Dolphin 

When emulating the Nintendo Wii on Android, there’s really only one choice: Dolphin. One of the best emulators to ever be created, Dolphin is certainly the best Android Wii emulator. But why is this the case? 

For starters, Dolphin is a free application on Android. As a port of the fantastic PC version, this is a brilliantly built piece of software. However, you will need quite a lot of horsepower to run games on it. If you want to run Nintendo Wii games with decent performance, then make sure you have a powerful device. 

Dolphin not only allows you to play Wii games with multiple control methods, but also play them better. You’ll be able to increase the internal rendering resolution, allowing you to play games in HD. Games like Mad World look amazing at 1080p! 

Now, Dolphin doesn’t have as many features as emulators like DuckStation. While it may be the best Android Wii Emulator, it’s not one for niceties. Instead, it’s a functional app, one that focuses on emulation accuracy. 

Nevertheless, there are still some neat features. For example, you can use Game Shark cheat codes on any game you want. Additionally, you can add texture packs to some titles for even better visuals! 

As it stands, Dolphin is the best Android Wii emulator, but it also has zero competition. If you’re looking for a way to play Wii games on mobile, it’s this or nothing. 

Download the free emulator here

Can Dolphin also play GameCube games? 

One of the best parts about Dolphin is that it’s also the best Android GameCube emulator. As the Wii is essentially an overclocked GameCube, Dolphin is able to emulate both systems with ease. 

Furthermore, as the GameCube is less powerful than the Wii, its games are less intensive. For example, the GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess should run better on your device. (It also has better controls!)

With gross-gen games, it’s usually best to play the GameCube versions. However, there are always benefits to having both versions of a game on Dolphin. Also, experimentation and comparisons are great! 

Are there any alternatives to use? 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real competitors to Dolphin on Android. As the best Android GameCube Emulator, Dolphin has reigned on all platforms for years. There’s simply no beating it. 

While there are technically branches of Dolphin out there, such as MMJ, we recommend sticking with the standard version. After all, if you’re just looking into an emulator to start with, you won’t need to bother with those versions.  

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