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Best New Android Games and Sales: Robotics!, Brawlhalla, Stardew Valley, and More

Welcome to the weekend. This week sees the arrival of a couple of absolute bangers in the form of Robotics! and Brawlhalla, though every game we’ve highlighted is worth a look. That said, you might want to just check PUSS! out on YouTube, unless you’ve got the patience of a trillion medically sedated angels.

There are some great offers, too, including every Final Fantasy game and the marvellous Stardew Valley. Jump right in!

New Games


Robotics! is ZeptoLab’s follow-up to C.A.T.S.. It features the same construct-a-warrior gameplay and physics-based bouts, but now you can train your robots to move in certain ways.

Madden NFL 21

Another year, another sports franchise entry. Madden NFL 21 boasts everything that was in the previous instalment, plus a brand new Yard system that lets you train a player, acquire custom gear, and so on. It’s cross-platform too.

Super Glitch Dash

The latest Google Play Pass title from publisher Rogue Games, who did an excellent job of publicising its forthcoming releases earlier this year, Super Glitch Dash is the sequel to futuristic, slick, polished reflex game Glitch Dash.


Brawlhalla is out, and it arrived a couple of days ahead of schedule. Already available on pretty much every other platform, and playable across all of them, Brawlhalla is a like a free-to-play version of Super Smash Brothers.


PUSS! is a mind-meltingly difficult, obstinate roguelite that managed to attract a cult audience on PC thanks to its unique and arresting art-style. It’s worth playing for that, if nothing else.

TauCeti Unknown Origin

To be clear, TauCeti Unknown Origin is not out. Instead, this 1.5GB tech demo featuring the opening moments of the game is now available to download for free. You’ll need a hefty handset to run it, but it’s a spectacle if you can.


Every Final Fantasy Game

For some reason, Square Enix has put all of the Final Fantasy games on sale, which each one costing around half its normal price. Chrono Trigger is included too, and there are some serious savings to be had on the more expensive titles.

Stardew Valley

Lots of games go on sale semi-regularly. Stardew Valley is the only one we write about every single time it gets a price drop, even though it never gets a very big price drop, because it’s simply one of the best games on the Play Store.

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