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Celebrating the 7 best Android games of 2017

Galaxy of Pen and Paper Android

It’s New Year’s Eve, the final day of 2017, and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than by celebrating the best Android games of the year.

We’ve picked seven, and it was no easy feat. This really was a solid year for mobile games, with a number of excellent choices to pick from. It’s in no particular order, but these were our favourites.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper – grab it on Google Play

Galaxy of Pen and Paper took the excellent gameplay from Knights, and gave it a sci fi spin. The result is another great adventure RPG that will appeal to Star Wars and Star Trek fans the world over.

Guns of Boom – grab it on Google Play

Guns of Boom proved that the first person shooter can work on mobile. All it took was much simplified controls, big blocky characters, and small arenas that provide minutes of fun at a time.

Iron Marines – grab it on Google Play

Iron Marines is the latest tower defence by masters of the genre Ironhide. It expands the formula by forcing you to consider attack, as well as defence, and introduces a bunch of new heroes and a plot.

Monument Valley 2 – grab it on Google Play

Monument Valley 2 launched out of nowhere on mobile this year, and provided more excellent Escher inspired puzzles. This time around, you have to control two characters instead of just one.

Morphite – grab it on Google Play

Forget No Man’s SkyMorphite is just a better version of it, thanks to a more streamlined approach, minimalist visuals, and a whacky plot and characters. It’s a lot of planet exploring fun.

Super Mario Run – grab it on Google Play

Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming was an enormous success. Super Mario Run is basically just a normal Mario game on mobile. That’s exactly what we hoped it would be.

Thimbleweed Park – grab it on Google Play

Thimbleweed Park is Ron Gilbert’s latest retro inspired adventure. Expect hilarious characters, an intriguing narrative, and lots of pixels. If you hanker for ’90s adventure games, this one’s for you.

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